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Who I am ?

My goal is to share my experience, continue improving myself and transmitting the importance of sports to young and old people. Spread the spirit of overcoming difficulties as a tool for self-confidence and motivation applied to our daily life. I am supporting all of those who are in the process of overcoming any disability from a transplant.

My history

  • Help people who have an organ transplant or who are in the process of having to cope with a serious illness, delivering an optimistic and overcoming message.
  • Encourage the practice of sports and a healthy lifestyle among people who have had a transplant in order to improve their quality of life.
  • Promote organ donation through sports. Share sports challenges accomplished by people who have been transplanted or who have suffered a major illness as examples of overcoming difficulties. And to encourage others who are going through the same process.
  • Funding and promotion of research projects related to transplants, including support for congresses, symposia and scientific meetings to promote the exchange of knowledge on this subject.