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The Band Glasses team wants to involve all the people who are interested in supporting our project by creating the BGwe adventure. This adventure consists in giving out a pair of BGwe glasses to someone and seeing how far they can travel. The point is to see how far solidarity can travel around the world- the more people, the better!

*You can only keep the BGwe glasses one week.

*Once the week is over, you have 2 options: either you keep them or you pass them on to someone else and make them travel for one more week.

What to do when you receive a pair of BGwe:

1- Please share a photo in which the BGwe glasses appear on our social media network, or tag us on yours.

2- If you decide to pass them on to another person, please fill in the following information form so we can keep track of how far they travel.

3- Purchase BGwe in our online store 

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