The One+One project consists in giving a pair of glasses to someone in need. YOU purchase a pair of sunglasses; WE give a pair of sunglasses. By doing this, people in need receive a product that promote eye wellness. Check our CROSS THANKSlist to find out who got a pair of sunglasses thanks to your purchase.


BG How We Give


Every time someone purchases a pair of Band Glasses , we donate the same product to a person in need. We go to places where there are people in need and make the donation. Thus, we can keep track of the people who help us and the people that we help..

BG Where We Give

bola mundo

We make a donation of the same product we sold to someone in need– the donation can take place in the city of Barcelona, in any developing country or in places that have suffered a natural disaster.

BG What We Give


We give the same product we sold. We cooperate with associations that help people in need and we are aware of events arranged for people who may need our products. In this case we specifically donate products that support eye wellness.

BG Improving Lives


Thanks to your help and support we can make this project come true by donating products that improve people in need’s quality of life as well as their health and safety. In this case, we help their sight by supporting eye wellness.