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Albert Bosch


Many years of adventurous entrepreneur experience have made me an expert in managing ambitious projects that require a lot of commitment, passion, effort and leadership management.
The adventures have taught me that we cannot always control circumstances, but we can always control our attitude.
Share what I have learned and the values of the extreme activities with others has become one of my priorities.
I am leading entrepreneur projects with improvement and motivation adapting to an accelerated constantly changing environment.

My objectives


  • Leading professional projects.
  • Leading personal projects.
  • Leading entrepreneur projects.

Improvement and motivation:

  • Develop a goal.
  • Positively manage critical moments.
  • Commitment to the project.
  • Limit Management.

Team management:

  • Each one makes the difference.
  • Teams like groups of people.
  • Team commitment and motivation.

Change management:

  • Manage and live in uncertainty.
  • Adapting to an accelerated constantly changing environment.
  • Risk management.

Success and Failure..